Chip and Samsung products manufacturer technology 5 nm will travel in the year 2020


Samsung ratify the necessary tools from its partners at the appropriate time to start the development of new manufacturing process 5nm LPE. Still this technology is new and relies on the printing of EUV resists your company, as the tools are validated are necessary for chips and processors to create a chip with the design of a reliable and effective.

Tools used cores Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57, based on the technique of 5nm LPE, but the latter using transistors FinFET. Expected to provides a new design of efficient logical best by 25 percent compared to the previous design but more importantly is the decrease of energy consumption by 20 percent or increase performance by 10 percent.

The frequency that the manufacturing process 5nm LPE New used layers of EUV resists over from the manufacturing process 7nm LPP, so should be used in the factory of EUV resists in Hwaseong. The cost of plan production is estimated at 4.61 million USD will be completed by the end of this year. Will start the process of production in the year 2020 to plan this production to his crew full productivity by the time of the arrival of the flagship devices for the next year.


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