Chip Kirin 990 you get the award for the best chip 5G for the year 2019

She managed to get Huawei to get the award for the best chip 5G this year during the conference China Mobile 2019, where the collection of the chip between the best standards of communication networks of the fifth generation.

Huawei presented a chip Kirin 990 to the highest standards in 5G technology this year, and have ranked the chip is already the best chip 5G in China, where Huawei made the chip with the technology of its multiple antennas, and the strength and stability of signal, support coverage in areas with weak signal, among other features.

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And I’ve got a chip Kirin 990 on the fifth rating in the performance of the reference antennas of the Multiple, where she managed to get the chip to excel on chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus with a modem Snapdragon X50, also came to perform the best from my chip Helio M70 ┘łExynos 9820 with a tape Maud S5100.

On the other hand, managed to chip Kirin 990 to provide the performance of good in the tests loading in sites with poor coverage, compared to the chip other.

In energy consumption could also chip Kirin 990 to achieve good results with the consumption of less energy in the tests of daily use, the testing voice calls, along with tests of data transfer, where it is expected to support the energy consumption by less going battery longer life in phones 5G smart.


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