Chip NFC in the iPhone may soon allow users to open doors smart

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There’s not a lot you can do using the NFC chip in the iPhone, other than to make payments using Apple Pay. However, if the content of the report which was released recently is true, it will allow Apple soon for users to do more things using the NFC chip inside their smartphone. For example you might allow users to open the locks of the doors through the NFC chip.

Indicate the information currently available indicates that Apple will reveal a major update to chip NFC in the iPhone at its annual conference for developers WWDC 2018 to be held in the next month. Will this update make the iPhone able to open the doors to smartphones and even perform batch operations on public transport.

And adds cable that the Apple staff already have access to these new features they are using iPhones have their own access to the offices and buildings at the headquarters of Apple in California. It is already possible to open smart locks using Bluetooth technology through the iPhone, but it is widely believed that the NFC chip is the safest option, so it’s nice to see Apple thinking about opening up the NFC chip to all users.

Doesn’t mean that these new features will be limited to the models of iPhone only modern. Started Apple provide its smart phones with NFC since the year 2014, so it is brought these features also to some models of the old iPhone through a simple update after it is confirmed officially.


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