Chip Snapdragon 765G support phone Realme X50 5G associated with

Published company Realme teaser of a new phone by The Associated Realme X50 5G where confirmed by the declaration on that chip Snapdragon 765G pay phone Realme X50 5G.

The company began Realme during the past month in posting ads trailer on her phone associated with Realme X50 5G which supports communication networks 5G patterns and binary, except that the company did not specify an official date to announce this release.

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I have confirmed the Realme in the recent declaration, posted on Weibo, on the chip Snapdragon 765G recently announced by Qualcomm will support the next issue, X50 5G, where the chip promotion and a higher efficiency of the GPU, as well as includes processor chip modem Snapdragon X52 5G.

It is planned to support the modem chip Snapdragon X52 5G phone download speed of up to 1.2 giga bytes per second with 4G networks, while the speed of the download it.7 giga bytes per second with 5G networks.

On the other hand, revealed a teaser for a glimpse of phone design Realme X50 5G, which applies to the design screen hole for the front vehicle which is arranged in the left corner of the screen, it also has a screen hole camera front double, so we expect more details in the advertising trailer of the new of the Realme.


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