Chips Qualcomm chips will bring high-end smartphones to low-cost devices

Company Qualcomm today is one of the main suppliers of accessories for mobile electronics. Line of chips, the Snapdragon excels in synthetic benchmarks, and in real “fighting” conditions, demonstrating a very decent level of performance. However, it seems that the microprocessor giant has in mind is not frail to shake the market with its new line, which will give even inexpensive devices to premium devices.

Now there are three new Qualcomm chip Snapdragon and they are expected to be presented in the new phones in mid-2019. What are they so unique? Let’s deal.

Snapdragon 730

The first one is perfect for smartphones middle and high class. It is, in fact, the successor to the previous generation Snapdragon with Adreno 618, chip Hexagon 688 tensor accelerator (this means that it is possible to use algorithms of artificial intelligence). There is a chip for image processing Spectra 350 “Computer vision”, X15 LTE modem and Wi-Fi 6 generation. According to available information, we can expect Snapdragon 730 in smartphones under the Motorola brand.

Snapdragon 730G

This is the answer of Qualcomm on the increasingly popular trend for releases of phones, developed specially for games. This is the same chip as the normal 730, but with some additional options to improve the gaming experience. They include support for 1440p displays (whereas the usual 730 runs at 1080p). 730G also has a unique feature called “Jank Reducer”, which should have a positive impact on the frame rate when processing games. Along with that Snapdragon 730G provides 15% better performance compared to 730 and supports shooting in slow motion to 960fps.

Snapdragon 665

If the chips belong to the middle and high price segment, Snapdragon 665 is aimed at affordable smartphones. However, he has a 8-core chip, built at the 11-nanometer process technology, and he has the support of three major chambers and a 48-megapixel sensor. Well, work with various biometric sensors and support high-quality image has not been canceled.

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