Choose Export with Deep Fusion via the camera Evo 11

Technical integration deep Deep Fusion is one of the imaging techniques provided by Apple in phones Evo 11 Avon 11 Pro has been added Officially to those phones with the iOS update 13.2.

اختبار التصوير بتقنية Deep Fusion عبر كاميرا ايفون 11Choose Export with Deep Fusion via the camera of Evo 11

What is a technique of Deep Fusion in?

Is a technique for processing images captured inside the houses and buildings in the conditions of the lighting medium, it works automatically in the background without any user intervention as soon as you recognize scenes and lighting conditions required.

How to operate the technology?

Before you press the button to capture the photo the camera has already picked up four image shutter speed high and four images of other ordinary, but when you press the shutter button of the camera captures one image with the exposure long.

It is integrated audio all in one image, processing each pixel to give the largest possible degree of clarity, unity of thinking the less possible degree of confusion and all that process takes about approximately one second, maybe less.

Choose Export with Deep Fusion

Press “Adam Estes” from the website Gizmodo , the British had to use the beta version of the iOS update 13.2 us there was no way to avoid the technique of Deep Fusion because it works automatically as soon as the shooting conditions, lighting and medium.

The manner in which the press was intelligent and intuitive at the same time as the capturing of the scenes twice, once with a phone Evo 11 update installed iOS 13.2 and the other to issue the oldest where you are not the technical active yet. The results as we can see in the attached images: “click on image to enlarge

التصوير بتقنية Deep Fusion

التصوير بتقنية Deep Fusion

In most circumstances you may not notice any differences between the captured images that technical or without even with the zoom according to the journalist of the British. In the specific cases showed that the technical difference when you zoom in on the fur of the dog in the previous picture to see the details of a very sharp note that photo editing apps like Photoshop and Lightroom can execute tricks similar to control sharply the details of the image. Generally still the technique of Deep Fusion in its initial stages has been undergoing further development and improvement during the next period.

Source “Tyler Stallman” also posted a picture on his account on Twitter showed the role that technology plays Deep Fusion clearly especially when you zoom in, it seems when you work efficiently and give great results but it works in an unexpected way and excited by it.

التصوير بتقنية Deep Fusion

التصوير بتقنية Deep Fusion

التصوير بتقنية Deep Fusion

التصوير بتقنية Deep Fusion

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