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I have a Dan rest and clients a passion for the great world of cooking and food, the and similar to a lot of, the Often what we add hours long before to decide what we want in the eating time lunch or which restaurant we eat them, the And in the end ask the dish previously not to try him or don’t ask for any dish!

But on the reverse we we, the annexation of these two their efforts in 2016 to establish awinch on” (LUNCH:ON)And, a company emerging delivering meals food at a price acceptable to the offices of the companies in a manner suitable reduce Of through his effort and the effort and confusion and time wasted on the request of the food to the place of work daily.

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Managed the company this year of collected 5.5 million dollars of a round of funding of the first led companies in a flash Capital (Wamda Capital) in Dubai and Global Ventures (Global Ventures) To the side of the 10 investors other than the Emirates Arab United Kingdom, Arab , United , Kuwait and Lebanon.

We had a chance to checkthe second to Dan the rest and listen to the story of their success and advice sports and access to information important for the sector of the individual chose to work in it personally as a pioneer work.

You can also ofP on the two co-founders personally in December at the Forum, Arab net Riyadh where they will speak about their experience in the world of sport business within the events of the WOT sports.

How have you reached to the idea ofcolor live ena“? What is the gap that you wish at the plugthereis?

Take a read on the food for lunch in the place of work source of tension for many (it was from without the slightest doubt for us when we were employees in companies). Everyone gets tired of eating the food is the same all over, they have forced some to stay in the meetings hours long and then they find out they’re dying of starvation in the end. Add to that, the request for food from outside a day expensive, soare usually.

Finding options for lunch appropriate and delicious at a price acceptable problem daily for a lot of people. And because food is our passion, and smiled I and my partner, the idea ofcolor live on“, and put our solution easy helps staff at the request of the food of a number large of restaurants designed specifically for their offices and reduced is remarkable.

How do you know the stars, and what the cause of the success ofthe color of the discussion onDo you thinkthat?

Success for me is that I was able of improving the lives of people in a way or another. I think that thecolor debate enachieved success because we have facilitated theprocess of requesting food for lunch for most people of where price and power demand. It is through making a request for food is possible for everyone and at prices acceptable to veryAre (the cost of the meal is 25 aed aed that is less than 7 dollars, and with the exception of the fee request)And Pat those who I didn’t expect to have the best options for lunch or for those who spend time consuming in the preparation of lunch in the House believe we have now to help in saving time and reducing the burden of the past daily.

As we take the issue of the experience of the customer on the loader grandfather, and this is the reason another of the reasons for our successso we move on the access of each client to the experience of the requested food is ideal at each request, the Team work we work assiduously to ensure that.

What are the challenges that you encountered during your marchin?

Evolved challenges over the years – and the phases different from growth. In the beginning our journey of Sports, The Was challenges linked to the building of the house the actual and hire persons appropriate to assist in the construction and operation of our company arising. Then, the phase following of the challenges was developing strategies for sales appropriate to reach out to the largest number possible of the companies building the intensity of competition in Dubai. As of today, the challenges that we face are related in a fundamental expansion of the scope of the team we work on the level of the international expansion of the scope of our work to gain access to the markets of the new in the countries of Council of cooperation of the Gulf and the world.

What are the lessons of sports that I discovered which will help you in focusing on productivity in the programme of work your dailyfor?

All what I need to exist in the postal mail. My daily observations of the tickets of the other, the whole organization there in Asana (Asana). And when not there are any messages, mail and email left in my box the postal, and I know that I completed my work for the day. Since I or working, and every thing becomes linked to the tasks and organization of the Diary of life so is to avoid forgetting any thing. How to use a numberare of tools and technology that help me in staying the organization and implementation of the tasks in the time appropriate.

What is side favorite you have in the work of the pioneers of the businessis?

In while to the founding of the company arising why not of my ambitions before moving to work in the UAE, the construction company from the beginning and help in their growth and their experience great sothey are, the Made me feel so proud more than any thing else you do.

As I cherish team work of our author of the 60 peoplethey are that work well hard to achieve theM in our journey and development of the company and their access to markets new. We are in thecolor debate onthe family of one of her passion is the work and mission of the company, and this is what encouragesfor the permanentthey are on the follow-up to our work.

What are the tips that you want in give it to prevent aspire to work in the field of sport businessis?

Find a co-founder of the joint fitting: find Partner Real from the beginningand accompany you at each step is essential to contributefor Christian work sports dealsout and makes it more funthey are.

Creating the candidate: the founding of the company arising is not a matter of easy and facilitate this process with the passage of time. So not must of diedt advisors Associate position on your guidance and your help in thinking in how planning difficulties and seemed to be a guide honestthey are with you to beyond the border.

How I do to buy awinch on“, and what are the tactics most successfulin?

We adopted the approach ofsandwichesin what regards to marketing our work, and the use of sales between companies and situations Digital of the company to the customer. We began to review the methods of sales the traditional sale solutionna to the number of the big of companies and building density commercial in the different areas that we work in. Now after that we have secured the density of users and companies, and we alsoare the digitization of our business, the This is what helped us in building awareness of and ability to use of without having to traffic the Department of resources human in every company.

What are your plans for the future inthe color of debate onin what terms to expandit?

We started to talk, they work in sports and we look forward top to the duration of the other in the kingdom, Arab Saudi Arabia and the countries of Council of cooperation of the Gulf. And look to the issue of tension on it Limited Company middle, and that’s because we offer a solution to the situation of the world in the future we will work on expansion outside of this area alsoare.

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