Christian Foundation: Dan rest and LUNCH:ON

We take you in this article in the Christian institution, in an interview with Dan the rest of the organization to participate in the platform winch en – LUNCH:ON.

 مسيرة مؤسسة: دانا باقي ومنصة LUNCH:ONDan rest

Owns duo Dan and customers, a great passion with cooking and food, as is the case with many of us, often waste long hours before we can decide whether we want to eat on a meal or choose a restaurant that we’ll ask him, and in the end ask the dish we ever tried we or don’t ask for any dish!

But unlike us, the annexation of one of their efforts in 2016 to establish the “color debate en” (LUNCH:ON), an emerging company delivering meals at a price acceptable to the corporate offices in a manner suitable reduce through the effort and confusion and lost time to order food into the workplace daily.

The police managed to collect $ 5.5 million this year of their first funding round led by the company Wamda Capital (Wamda Capital) in Dubai and Global Ventures (Global Ventures), along with 10 other investors from the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait and the United Arab Lebanon.

I have had the opportunity to talk to Dan, and listen to her success story and advice sports and see the important information about the sector an individual chooses to work personally as a pioneer work.

You can also identify these founders personally in the month of December next within the ArabNet Riyadh where they will speak about their experience in the world of entrepreneurship within the events of WOT sports.

How did you guys get the idea of “color live en – LUNCH:ON” is? What is the gap that wish to be filled?

Deciding on lunch at the workplace a source of tension for many (it was without a doubt for us when we were employees in companies). Everyone gets tired of eating the same all the time have some are forced to stay at the meetings long hours and then they discover that they are starving at the end of it. In addition, order food from outside Daily is very expensive in general.

How to find options for a lunch occasion and delicious at a price acceptable a daily problem for many people. And because food is our passion, I smiled my partner and I the idea of “color live on”, and we have an easy solution helps employees to order food from a large number of restaurants tailored to their offices at discounted prices significantly.

How do you define success, and why the success of “color live en – LUNCH:ON” Do you think?

Success for me is being able to improve people’s lives somehow. I think that the “color debate en” achieved success because we Easy our process of ordering lunch for most people in terms of price and energy demand.

It is by making ordering food is possible for everyone at affordable prices too (meal cost is AED 25 that’s less than $ 7, excluding the application fee), the PAT for the people who didn’t have the best options for lunch or for those who spend a long time in the preparation of lunch at home depend on you now to help save time and reduce the financial burden everyday.

As we take our customer experience seriously, this is another reason of the causes of our success – so we make sure that every client experience of food order ideal with each application, the team work we work assiduously to ensure that this happens.

What challenges did you face during the career for you?

Development challenges over the years-and different developmental stages. Where in the beginning of our sport, the challenges associated with building the actual product and hire the right people to help build and run our startup. Then in the next stage of the challenge was the development of sales strategies appropriate to reach the largest possible number of companies and building density of the areas in Dubai. Today, the challenges that we face relate primarily to expand our team at the international level and expand our work to reach new markets in the GCC and the world.

What are the lessons of sports that I discovered which helps you to focus on productivity in the program of your daily work out?

All I need addressed in my email. My daily observations of the other tickets, all organization there on the platform asana (Asana). When I don’t expect any e-mails left in my mailbox, I know that I completed my work for the day. Since I am a working mother, everything becomes linked with the functions and organization of life diary to avoid forgetting anything.

As the use of a number of technological tools that help me stay organized and execute tasks in a timely fashion.

What is your favorite aspect in the work of entrepreneurs?

While the startup’s founding was not of my ambitions before moving to work in UAE, but to build a company from the start and assist in their growth and development a very wonderful experience, I’m proud more than anything else I’ve done.

As proud of our team consisting of 60 people who worked tirelessly to achieve progress in our journey and development of the company and access to new markets. We are in the “color debate on” one family her passion is the work and mission of the company, and this is what encourages us always to pursue our work.

What are the tips that you want to give it to those who desire to work in the field of entrepreneurship?

Find a co-founder of the fitting: find a real partner from the beginning, accompany you in every step is essential to facilitate the process of action athlete’s volatile and makes it more fun.

Find a mentor: building a startup is no easy matter and even become easier with the passage of time. So it is imperative to provide the mentors who are able to your guidance and your help in thinking about how to overcome the difficulties favorable must be the leader honest to the extreme.

How do I buy the “color of live en – LUNCH:ON”, and what tactics are most successful in?

We adopted the approach of “sandwich” in regards to marketing our work, where the use of sales between companies and digital campaigns from the company to the customer. We began to review the methods of traditional sales to sell a solution to a large number of companies building density commercial in the different areas in which we operate. Now that we’ve secured the density of users and companies, we have also digitized our work, and this helped us in building awareness of and ability to use without having to traffic the human resources department in every company.

What are your future plans in the “color debate en” in relation to the expansion of?

We have started newly working in the city of Riyadh and we look forward to other cities in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council. And do not look at the question as confined to the Middle East, that’s because we offer a solution to the situation of the world, and in the future we will expand beyond this region also.

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