Christmas has become happy, every year you’re fine

As if the days pass quickly the rocket ? yesterday, we congratulate you on Eid al-Fitr we are here today to congratulate Eid al Adha. We ask Allah to accept the quest of the pilgrims and their reward (we wish to remember us in prayer), and did not perform Hajj this year, we invite God to bring us together in the house of his harem next year, as we congratulate you all and wish to be happy for them and we and the Islamic Ummah all, the stress we carry to you a gift of the whole Christmas. Has been used to offer you a gift on the occasion of the feast although not a big gift but in the end just a sign of our love and appreciation to you.

عيد أضحى سعيد وكل عام أنتم بخير

On the occasion of the feast we are pleased to offer you the crossword game which is free for the first time… a crossword puzzle I made for you, if you love crossword games this is your game, if you don’t like it. this game is made for you to give you the experience didn’t meet her in any of the word games.

The game features:

  • A large number of the puzzle up to 162 puzzle.
  • Three levels to suit all skills and ages
  • The level of the Golden wonder was the work of a puzzle of His in an innovative way
  • Access to the box immediately as soon as you touch it.
  • The contradiction between words and horizontal area with One Touch
  • The possibility of listing all the puzzle in one table for easy navigation between them
  • The AutoCorrect in the first and second level
  • Percentage to the right to see how progress in each puzzle.
  • The opportunity to obtain help to resolve the word or more at all stages
  • Can you show the complete solution after 20 minutes of play each puzzle.
  • The ease in playing and a screen to help

En CrossWord – crossword


Size13.4 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


The game is now free, enter the software store to verify the price and if it shows you the price of in-store programs, wait a little bit until you change the Apple TV price

A simple gift purpose only is the fraud with you to work and provide something symbolic like we used to.

The game is free on the days of Eid only, so please tell your friends and set up headquarters for the largest possible number so you don’t miss one of this wonderful game.

A wonderful Valentine’s Day everyone, and a vacation happy, we’ll be back with new articles after the feast.

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