Chrome 67 now supports Web Apps responsive

Chrome 64

Got a new update to the Chrome browser brings with IT support for web applications responsive to exposure within the browser as well support for interface new software for measurements and the advantages of other developers as well as security enhancements, the usual.

Now Chrome 67 supports web applications responsive which has been programmed to do within the Chrome browser, whether on Windows or Mac. Will apps responsive web window Chrome without the tabs and address bar allowing greater ease in browsing.

As the browser supports the API for sensors Generic Sensors that allows developers to use these sensors in their apps or their websites such as gyroscopes and acceleration and movement, these sensors useful in the areas of augmented and virtual reality, etc., and is useful on smart phones.

Also got the browser on the interface of a new software WebXR Device that allows building web applications of virtual reality or augmented, and requires the developer to register the request before start using it.

There is a update on the engine side JavaScript to support the BigInt by default.

And the security level has been blocked 34 gap a variety of security risk pushed to meet her tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses for their discoverers.

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