Chrome 74 brings night mode and track the sites you in hidden mode

I got a Chrome browser on a major update with the number 74 brings several advantages, perhaps the most important support Night Mode on the computers, whether Mac, Windows, Linux with other advantages such as improvements in the feature picture-in-picture updates, security and location tracking to the user in incognito.

Let’s start from the most important feature is a night mode which will be available gradually for all users on Windows – where I had since version 73 on a Mac – can now be activated manually in an indirect way by adding “-force-dark-mode–” without my relationship quotes at the end of the file path under its properties.

Either increase your privacy, it has been the sites previously know that the user enters via the design mode hidden, today you can prevent this by searching for filesystem folder API in Incognito among the list of the chrome://flags/ and turn it into mode activated Enable instead of default Default and then restart the browser.

Finally in terms of security has been bridging the 39 vulnerability of the 5 high-risk.

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