Chrome 76 will read the article payments free

Started Google test version 76 of the Chrome browser, which brings several new features among them one won’t like the newspapers and news sites paid where will enable the user to override the possibility of payment only by logging in incognito!.

Currently if you entered in Design Mode hidden on the site offers its content is driven and publicly read limited number of articles, it would be that you browse through the hidden mode and will not offer you any articles even if you are involved in Location Services.

Due to the restrictions imposed by Incognito where prevents sites from writing any data and cookies on the user’s device prevents interaction between the participant paid the average reader.

And now with the new version 76 will not be able to the owners of websites know if you enter through the browser hidden or not by actually modifying the software filesystem Folder is what allows you to see the content of the article without involving.

Other notable features in this version to facilitate the installation of the pilot applications through the development of the navigation button in the address bar to be able to visitor pressure him to install a web application on his device.

Developers can websites put a few codes in their sites so it turns the browser directly to the night mode if Settings and preferences indicate that.

It is worth mentioning that the first trial version of this version is becoming available now, and will become the final version at the end of July next.

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