Chrome 78 supports modifying the home page and night compulsory

Google released a major update to the new Chrome 78 comes with several new benefits such as customize a page, new tab and force websites to show the time of night and learn the password.

Let’s start with the start page of the New Tap where now you can customize the status of the image in the background through the photo gallery provided by Google or themes for certain that you can choose. Also you can check the appearance of the shortcuts and a choice between display tests suggested tests or grouped or not display any shortcuts.

For the time of night, many of the sites are not supported in code. its code, so if you want to force it to show design black, Google will use the property to invert the colors to give you what will you design night.

The Google has launched a special addition checks for passwords in February, they now will add that addition is a built-in browser. And this feature of notifying you that the login credentials that you used to login to any website or account is not safe and give you change.

With this version the Google will change protocol DNS-over-HTTPS, which helps in the Prevention of spying on users.

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