Chrome 86 will impose the video quality of SD with put LiteVideos

جوجل كروم 86 سيدعم فرض الفيديو بجودة SD مع وضع LiteVideos - Google Chrome

For a long time, we helped the browser Google Chrome to reduce data consumption while browsing, which turned these ideas in the end to the property status of the simple that we know today, now according to the website TechDows, it seems that Google is working on a simple mode that extends into the videos, making them run quality SD or rather force it on the this quality.

Turn has been monitoring this situation under the name of “LiteVideos”, which will make web sites know Videos quality SD for clips HD HD, by simulating the conditions of low bandwidth to allow for video MSE of the adaptive reduction in precision.

On the other hand, also, this mode is available currently in the version of Canary 86 “Chrome Canary 86”, which is scheduled to continue early October of this year, can do it now by running the two signs in flags, namely:

chrome://flags: Enable LiteVideos

chrome://flags: Force LiteVideos decision

LiteVideos Google ChromeChrome 86 will impose the video quality of SD with put LiteVideos

Finally, if you want to experience this situation in the Android platform, you must download the browser Google Chrome Canary, put in mind that this release is for type but not for everyday, as is the case with any feature is still under development and unannounced, it is always possible to scrape Google out of this situation before the official launch and final.


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