Chrome adds a new feature the special participation of the phone numbers

Choose Google new feature in Chrome allows the user to send a phone number from your desktop browser to your phone contact, when browsing the internet on your phone and need a phone number, the call is simple is click the hyperlink and hit the dial button, but it’s not that easy when browsing on the desktop, you should expect this new feature in the desktop browser which I proceeded to Google during the recent period.

How the feature works’s phone number is sent from Chrome desktop to your phone

Works the option to share the new figures in a similar way, when you come across a phone number linked to the hyperlink in Chrome on the desktop, you can simply click on it and open the menu “direction from your” New allowing you to choose any of the phones associated with the send dance to it, you can also right-click any number that is not linked to access to the option itself, once you send the number to your phone, the one click is all it takes to make the call.

According to Android Police , you must enable the feature by default, but can be turned on and off by visiting chrome: // flags / # click-to-to-call-the context menu select the text and change the option to “enable click to dial feature on the desktop when you select phone number“, since this feature is in beta at the moment, it is difficult to determine which way you will do things exactly, but it seems now that this feature is supported on my system. Android 9 , and 10, and send the numbers in the mobile version 77 of the Chrome.

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