Chrome began to mark the sites of gas secure to Not Secure

Not Secure

Started the browser the most used Google Chrome show do not safe site to replace a visit with a message to appear besides the name of the impact in the address bar download description Not Secure.

After I declared last summer about the intention of the Committee to this step to protect the privacy of users, said alert flag in many of their positions on the need to work owners, website owners on the transition of the protocol of the old Http to the Protocol to the safer Https. Came in time since yesterday by the appearance of this sign in front of the names of the millions of sites that have not committed to adding a certificate security SSL.

Google is seeking through this step to raise the level of confidence and security among users around the world and websites that are working to increase their where download certificate security all he is doing on site support systems, and data encryption between the user and the site to replace a visit where he can’t one of the interception of the communication process or deciphering them .

An example of a site that is not secure

This goddess in alerting users about sites safe follow Google separately has don’t the same message is Not Secure or “insecure” when you visit the same site via browser Firefox or Opera or any other browser edge. But for sure you’ll get those browsers follow Google in the coming days where the company of the U.S. browser market as the leader world Leader would be in front of the owners of the sites inevitable transition to Protocol security sooner or later.

Though. That doesn’t mean never sites that will tag Not Secure that you have exceeded the increase or refrain from it, they are what you need, you can browse them without problems, but you have to be careful to use your sensitive data or your financial data like Bank and other to when transmission of that location to the system The safe Https.

Chrome began to mark the sites of gas safe … Not Secure

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