Chrome browser 73 the features of the new Sync is also a function of the image within the image automatically

متصفح كروم 73 يوفر ميزات مزامنة جديدة كذلك خاصية الصورة داخل الصورة تلقائياً

In addition to the foregoing stated We about support version Chrome 73 car control in the music for all the tabs at once, the ageing experimental show also offer many services via the sync log in via the account Google in the browser it will also provide the show with picture-in picture “PIP” automatically.

Will Chrome 73 to provide a section dedicated to sync Google services various as payments, addresses, and passwords differently for version 72, which deals with many of these data under privacy, but in the next version, those will be the options readily available within the list of data collected by the browser.

It also provides the browser feature check the spelling to make sure the safety of the bee will be deployed disposition reports to the user during activation. sync Chrome Sync, and will also provide new search feature enables access to the results of the best across the option Chrome from the collection address two URL an anonymous source provided the principle of the privacy of their respective owners.

Will also have many options as display the image inside the image through the desktop application automatically in different tabs; the company is working on adding a button to skip the image ads across platforms that support them keep like.

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