Chrome browser for Android ready for quick responses

متصفح كروم لنظام أندرويد يُجهّز لميزة الردود السريعة

Always and constantly subject browser Google Chrome for the changes, but there is something interesting in the road, which is the browser support for quick responses on Android, it is known that the first appearance of this feature was two years ago from now, and specifically with the Android version 7.0, making it more convenient for everyone to respond to messages without having to open a new application for each one.

On the other hand, and through this feature you’ll be able to Web sites to send notification to you, just like now, but added the quick reply, this means that you can get things like notification Facebook from your browser and as you would a normal message from another application, and, as we pointed out this feature under the test is not available even on Chrome Canary, in respect to the possibility of use, of course, will allow you to reply to the notification from the status bar, but will be on the Web sites support it first.

Finally, when is the launch of the test, we can expect to see in the Canary channel directly, and you will need to find a website that supports quick responses, this may be difficult due to lack of water release officially until now, at the present time there is no information about how to enable it, so there will be some time before we see his arrival to everyone, but if you want to experience the water, you must download the Google Chrome Canary and install it and update it when it’s ready.

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