Chrome Canary has received a new interface with Material Design

Rumors that Google is preparing to significantly update the design of your Chrome browser, go for a long time. And in the latest version of Chrome Canary, you can try the new interface designed in accordance with the concept of Material Design.

Chrome Canary is a test version of the browser in which Google is testing a variety of new items. It can be downloaded from here. In the latest build of the browser for Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS-style interface Material Design activated by default, so everyone can evaluate the changes. As for macOS users, they need to include a new design using the flags of Chrome – chrome://flags/#top-chrome md chrome://flags/#views-browser-windows.

As you can see, Google has completely redesigned the appearance of the address bar and the tab bar has been updated with the tip address bar, indicators, notifications, pinned tabs. It is likely that the new design will soon appear in the stable version of Google Chrome.

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