Chrome closes the loophole that allows sites to ban users via hidden mode

Closed Google a loophole in the Chrome browser was called for sites download on the incognito so as to prevent the display content that the user entered about his way forcing him to move in Normal mode.

And the gap to the interface of the software filesystem folder provided by Google 2010 allows sites to create a file system by default, private by storing files on the user’s device, but in the case of the user entered through the hidden it prevents the ability of websites to store any data on the device. this includes not only cookies or browsing, but all other data.

It is this principle of the sites were talking of the status of the interface code in case it is disabled means that the user browsing site via the hidden mode, and here was a book about content.

Did Google change the way they operate the interface software mentioned in the design mode hidden where it became put the files in the memory random. Through this modification you wish Google to decrease the use of this software to remove them later as long as they didn’t receive the popularity of websites and other major browsers.

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