Chrome version the new Android system brings some amendments

I got Chrome for Android on Dark Mode in the month of April, but due to he was a specialist, it has been difficult to reach some thing and did not know of its existence, a lot of users.

But today, I got Google finally Chrome browser 75 to the Android system, which has got the new update brings the possibility to activate Dark Mode to list the existing settings in your browser. It is worth mentioning that when you activate battery saving mode on your device, the Chrome browser can activate Dark Mode automatically, but can also change it to mode white if you like it.

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Moreover, Google added A also generator password to Chrome browser, when you click on the box to enter a password, you will see a new partner shows up at the bottom with the code key you can click on it to get a list of all saved passwords for this site, and besides, there is the option to “propose a strong password”, and when you click it the password is created for you automatically.

The Chrome 75 also interface application programming-Level 2 Web Share, which means that websites can now share files (such as images) to the list of the original joint on Android. In the past, it was possible to share texts and URLs only in this way.

Anyway, there are a myriad of other minor improvements that have been added to the Chrome browser 75 also, if you are interested in learning all the plugins, Click to this link.

Also supposed to up the new version of the browser to phones over the coming weeks.


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