Chrome will help you to discover dangerous plugins

With Google you great effort to maintain the integrity of the plugins listed on her store, but this does not prevent to address some of the plugins properly for later evaluation of the activities of the bad, this is what you want Google to give him.

Featured guides software in the latest version of the Chrome browser to show what can be considered a “stream activity log” which will functions additives when they occur, with the option to renew the action plugins in the case found the user on improper activities such as sending sensitive data or export control.

Now the new feature is available in version Canary the initial which can be activated manually by accessing the (–enable-extension-activity-logging) and log in to the plugins page chrome://extensions and of course you will need some time for its arrival for the final version of Chrome.

These will help the water all of the security researchers and users are highly sensitive about their privacy to monitor the performance of process plugins and tracking with time so that the developers of the plugins are resorting to methods more complicated for data users.

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