Chrome will stop the reference links HTTPS with the green lock

If I visited any site works via HTTPS protocol the safe you’ll find next to the link on Chrome and a Secure with the lock in green to indicate that communication with the site encrypted as here in the tech world, but if it’s not encrypted, it appears in red, and soon this method will change in the signal.

Starting with version 69 of Chrome which will be available next September, all sites that carry a security certificate will not be signal not with the word safe code lock green, only the website will appear as it is without the icon next to it, but with lock gray.

The later with version 70 of the Chrome which will be available next October, will be is just Not Secure red have sites that still works via the HTTP protocol only in the case of text input content, in order to indicate that this content could access it during the Send.

I started with Google several months ago, highlight the sites that afford a secure connection in the browser by the months and pay more towards this already, and today with the ease and cheapness embed security certificates, has become something of default have most websites, and Google, that browses the Web are supposed to-site encrypted certificate security, but only when not holding the encryption and enter the data, they warn.

If you are the owner of the site still works via the HTTP protocol it is recommended to switch to HTTPS even if your site does not include registered user accounts or operations of the account and for protection against injected scripts or change the content.


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