CIA there are new charges for receiving financial support from the state organs of the Chinese

CIA توجه اتهامات جديدة للهواوي بتلقي الدعم المالي من أجهزة الدولة الصينية

In a new attack added to the indictment the prosecution of the American company Huawei a few months ago, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) by the orientation of charges of the other company is receiving funding from the organs of influence in the Chinese state included the national security of China and people’s Liberation Army as well as contacts and networks for the intelligence of other Chinese.

It is reported that U.S. intelligence has shared a number of important files pertaining to Huawei company with the intelligence services both from New Zealand, Britain, Australia and Canada; it was in a WARN from the use of equipment of the company and deal with them in the creation of the fifth-generation networks represent a threat to national security of those states, will have an impact on the level of partnership intelligence between the United States and its allies if they cooperated with him.

In denied Huawei this charge is also refuted by the indictment the right of the U.S. government on more than one occasion noting that the United States throw out accusations haphazardly without any little evidence on what promotes against.

It is worth mentioning that the revenue of Huawei last year has increased significantly and achieved a net profit of $ 8.7 million, where the See of its executive director that the stars addressed a letter to the United States that consumer confidence in all parts of the world the products of his company and safety it provided they are behind the continued progress and achieve success in the global market.

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