Cisco predicts top technology trends to 2020

Revealed company Cisco on the highlights of its forecast technical for 2020 and beyond, where the delivery of light through these expectations with the rapid changes in Information Technology on the level of basic concepts.

In this framework, said Osama al-Zoubi, director of the technology CEO of Cisco in the Middle East and Africa: “the last decade has seen significant change in the way consumers use corporate sector and government technology, led universal adoption of smart phones to the development of cloud computing applications and social media at a rapid pace, with the approach of 2019 from the conclusion, and predicts Cisco changes will be the biggest impact over the next decade”.

The Internet of the future

Consumes the digital transformation of today the maximum capacity of the current internet infrastructure which will lead to its consumption in full at the end, accordingly, the development of internet technology appropriate for the future is very important, there will be nearly 49 million internet-connected device by 2023, the next decade will see a broader use for the technology such as virtual reality and enhanced and 16K artificial intelligence.

Must be the internet’s infrastructure more speed and scalability, and simplicity in its management and safer to enable these new technologies, the Cisco that the future of the internet will depend heavily on the technologies of silicon and fiber optics, drivers, this has been revealed Cisco talk about the details of its strategy and technology to build the Internet New designed to stimulate digital innovation beyond the limits of the current infrastructure performance, economic constraints, energy consumption, and confirmed that its strategy is fundamentally dependent on the techniques of silicon and fiber optic drivers.

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Loyalty Technologies is the new form of customer loyalty to the brand

With respect to brands and application developers make their best efforts to retain users, according to the latest results of the index AppDynamics App Attention Index, the evolution of the use of digital services has become human behavior involuntarily.

The research showed that consumers do not accept applications that do not provide an excellent experience, and moved 49 percent of them to the application of the competition that they faced problems in the performance, while recommended 63 percent of them not to use that service or brand without being afforded the company the opportunity to improve their, and the companies in the year 2020 to analyze the performance of data and applications in real time to ensure user experience is quick and exceptional.

Technology Threat Hunting and Zero Trust

Companies need to follow preventive steps to avoid its threats and security risks related to the internet, and the technique of Zero Trust or low trust plays an important role in these people, they don’t allow devices or users or workloads to the network only if authorized to do so after the establishment of the trust and threats.

Will be a technical Threat Hunting more important as part of the approach to comprehensive security to businesses, where you discover this technique of malware and vulnerabilities new and unknown, even if is not detected any malware, often a technical challenge Threat Hunting pressure points that require caution.

The direction of the network: the journey toward existing networks on intentions

Believe in the Cisco that the future of the network lies in the network based on the intentions of IBN, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict the steps of detecting activity of exotic and resolve them automatically and turn off security threats, while continuing to evolve and learn.

According to released by the poll trends of the global network of Cisco Global Network Trends, which included 2000 of the experts of Information Technology, believes 78 percent of them to existing networks on intentions will play an important role in their networks during the two years, he said 35 percent others that their networks will become the list of intentions fully during the same period.

The shortage of skills and talent in the information technology sector

Facing the information technology sector today is the shortage of talent, according to a survey conducted by the Cisco 600 decision-makers in the field of Information Technology and business, it is believed 93 percent of them to this very dangerous and cause slow down the development of their business.

Descend the jobs most in demand data science and artificial intelligence, to meet the needs of these centres, should bear the staff in the field of Information Technology of the “two orders” to business partners, strategic.

Will role-playing daily for workers in the information technology field is more focused on problem solving through technology without having to modify the hardware used, will be priority hiring for managers information technology for the business over the coming years for those with technical skills and business management.

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