City processors artificial intelligence at Google moves to facebook

مدير معالجات الذكاء الاصطناعي في قوقل ينتقل إلى فيسبوك

Looks like Facebook is serious more than ever to the development of the Department of artificial intelligence, especially the development of chip and special products, which make them responsive to the Director of the Department of computer chips and electronic products at Google have to work with it.

Is considered a monthly test of rabbit, the most prominent engineers of artificial intelligence in the world, where I spent a period of 7 years with Google he said the establishment of the Department of chips and processors artificial intelligence, not before about 3 years ago, but now he will leave the company to go to facebook, which will be the vice-chairman of the Department of artificial intelligence.

And Facebook to follow in the footsteps of many large companies such as Google and Apple designed the processors themselves, as it seeks to compete with companies like Qualcomm and Intel in this area, which make them take on a British artificial intelligence company Bloomsbury AI days ago.

Training the city center of treatments of artificial intelligence at Google moves to facebook appeared first on the tech world.

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