Claims to add some of Amazon’s sites to the list of “markets notorious”

Claims to add some of Amazon’s sites to the list of “markets notorious”

Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, citing people familiar with the matter is that the management of Trump considering to develop some sites Amazon External on the list of global markets known for counterfeit goods.

He stated the report that this action will be taken by the Office of the US Trade Representative through the list (markets notorious) annual, adding that no decisions were taken and it was ignored similar proposals in the past year.

And Amazon: it’s “strictly prohibit” the products offered on the platform it is investing heavily to protect customers from these elements. She added in a statement: “the fight against counterfeiting requires collaboration across the industry – retailers, brands, law enforcement agencies, and the government, we are ready to participate actively with these stakeholders, because we have actors bad responsibility and look products to zero in our store”.

Over the years, the list included (a market Notorious) is the largest e-commerce platform in China,, which is owned and operated by Alibaba Group Holding.

In the month of October last, the assembly urged the American Apparel and footwear; and for the third consecutive year, the Office of the US Trade Representative to include the range of foreign owned and operated by Amazon in the list.

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She said the American Apparel and footwear in a letter to the Office of the US Trade Representative: “even with its role as a leading company in retail all over the world, the partnership the sale is important for many of the brands our member, facing the Amazon put up the challenges of a big fake”.

In response, the American clothing and footwear, said Amazon: it’s invested more than $ 400 million in staff, employing more than 5,000 people in the year 2018 to combat fraud in its stores.

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