Clash of Kings expansion special Ramadan !

Use the wonderful events and possible game strategy Clash of Kings during the month of Ramadan for all Arab players in the Middle East. Is the game Clash of Kings is one of the oldest strategy games that have emerged between the Games has had on the reputation and goodwill of a significant level due to the large number of conversions of the game immediately it is released on a global level.

The game is characterized by providing the game system interesting, which brings together many of the events that require a judge in various battles either win the race or obtain top positions on the level of kingdoms world different.

Ramadan special and fun and manage the game took a big interest in trainers, Arab and events Traditional and private has been the launch of the new expansion set of the game currently to add new events to coincide with the days of the holy month of Ramadan. Among the most prominent events of Ramadan happened to the “industry of the lantern” which of the exciting events in which you earn the next rewards are valuable at every stage of the industry the lantern so that the help of these bonuses on the development and preparation for fighting and war in addition to design unique and reflects the atmosphere of Ramadan for the players within the game. This destroys the Arab team for the game cover weekly interactive with Arab leaders within the official page of the game on Facebook through a live broadcast is to explain the most important events and exclusive news about the game weekly to coincide with the expansion of Ramadan in the game currently. Includes a live broadcast of the weekly rewards and prizes the elements of precious and castles exclusive to each of the interact with the broadcast.

Since the game is popular world of the absolute, the most notable event in the game which attracts large number of Arab players is the event “Drive The Dragon” in Season VI, which qualify currently 64 different countries of the world will begin the knockout stage soon in the game in the clash of the exciting experience of this tournament Most Outstanding players in the game conditions with a campaign Dragons of the sixth season.

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