Clash Of Kings: start with a celebration of the fifth anniversary of the now, the heart of the Kingdom about the beginning!

Get ready to enjoy the experience even more exciting with Clash Of Kings which is preparing to celebrate the fifth anniversary as one of the strongest strategy games in the world.

لعبة Clash Of Kings: تبدأ الاحتفال بالذكرى السنوية الخامسة الأن، قلب المملكة على وشك البداية!

The company is the developer of the game Clash Of Kings is a nurse and one of the best strategy games of war in the world, processing as many events possible in preparation to celebrate its fifth birthday and attracting the attention of millions of players around the world. Where will be the launch of events such as “the functions of the world” and”the Knights of the legendary hero of Shao-Yun: the most powerful hero”. To be the fifth anniversary of a very special event for all players.

A unique experience offered by Clash Of Kings to its players

لعبة Clash Of Kings: تبدأ الاحتفال بالذكرى السنوية الخامسة الأن، قلب المملكة على وشك البداية!

Availability of the game since its launch many of the possible options and varied gameplay with the atmosphere of a gunship filled with your Legendary since its launch in 2014. To audiences around the world experience well-being and fun contributed to strain the attention of millions of fan of strategy games of War actress.

During the past five years have seen players a lot of changes to the memorial as possible in the world of Clash Of Kings, since the first season in the campaign of the dragon, through the events of the game as diverse as hills in the area, the Square and the Battle of cut-throats even wear of civilizations. As well as providing the atmosphere of a love of adventure and exploration, defence, wisdom and courage, to settle the next in progress task of the industry in their own.

Where the conflict between the Kings is getting fierce, the drums of war are beating, and still the situation on the battlefield is not clear, maybe there’s a new lady wearing a in the world of the sea mystery!

Surprises: the task of the world, presents great dedicated to you!

لعبة Clash Of Kings: تبدأ الاحتفال بالذكرى السنوية الخامسة الأن، قلب المملكة على وشك البداية!

In commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the coming to the game Clash of Kings, starts festival festive spectacular in the game, you’ll relate to the events anniversary – global quest into the heart of the kingdom of the July 18, 2019 to August 7, 2019, to continue for 21 days.

During the mission to the world, leaders can get things private, including the stone of Time Stone Soul, and through the tasks assigned to them every day. May need research on the training of soldiers and collect resources and use the card recruitment and download magical skills and kill the BOSS and other daily tasks.

How can Masters donate these items to a NPC selected to improve the bond between players and NPC and get rewards from the NPC. Will each NPC a different reward of immense strength to all the leaders in all the servers. Besides, it can collect the contribution of the kingdom by donating.

There is a luxury gift, a celebration of the anniversary of the game Clash Of Kings, where they will be opening a battlefield dragon bowl in the month of July, in addition to this there will be many surprises possible in waiting for players.

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