Clash of the most expensive companies in the world – Amazon beyond Apple and Google!

The foundation released Kantar market research in its annual report on the most expensive companies in the world by market capitalization, where it topped as the list of the most expensive 100 companies around the world for the 2019 surpassing the Giants of technology in Silicon Valley: Apple and Google.

صراع أغلى الشركات في العالم - أمازون تتجاوز آبل وجوجل!

Clash of the most expensive companies in the world – Amazon beyond Apple and Google!

Market value Amazon approximately $ 315.5 million, while Apple and Google have reached a market value for their 309.5 and 309 million, respectively. This difference is simple given Apple ranked second whereas Google ranked second.

Believe Amazon to the list this year due to the tremendous growth witnessed by the market of electronic trade is what make the market value of the Amazon rise by 52% year on year which translates to $ 108 million, while the annual growth rates for the Apple TV by 3% and their substance is increased by 2%.

قائمة أغلى 10 شركات في العالم

List of most expensive 10 companies in the world

Many years ago, and on the top of the list are schools annually between Apple and Google, but that’s hard to say Amazon this year the space of this engagement, and sites that use Amazon top that list over the coming years.

About the rest of the list of ten most expensive companies: he came to Microsoft in fourth place and after a visa, Facebook, Alibaba, is set the Chinese, McDonald’s, and then AT&T. You can also see the full list of 100 companies across this file (PDF).

It is worth mentioning that Amazon intends to expand in the Arab markets and the Middle East during the next period via the company market.Com which was acquired by 2017 in the deal amounted to $ 580 million.

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