Classic: Samara miner stole electricity for mining Bitcoin on 17 million rubles

The cost of Bitcoin is not such an important value if its mining costs to you for free. This “brilliant” conclusion one of the miners in the Samara region. He managed to steal 2.5 million kWh of electricity for a total amount of 17.8 million roubles. However, pamineti long failed in three months after the start of scams fraud found by the police.

How to go to jail because of crypts

The news of the theft has recently appeared on the official website of the local power company “Samara distribution networks”. At the next inspection transmission electricity engineers noticed the increased unbalance on one of the lines. A detailed examination of the lines of energy found improved transformer.

Inside the substation was installed a new meter, which showed low indices of electricity. In fact gross violations of electricians immediately called the police. In cooperation with law enforcement they managed to come out on an inconspicuous building near the village Bailovo Samara region.

Inside the building we found a large mining farm. Equipment copied and sealed. Now the police solve a question on excitation of criminal case under article “Causing property damage by deceit or breach of confidence in especially large size”.

Perhaps unknown to the Russian miner just wanted to gain experience with his Chinese colleagues. We will remind, earlier in China have arrested one Xu Xinhu, who managed to steal power for 15 thousand dollars. In the course of their operations the man managed to get 3,2 bitcoin.

Image source — Remtrans

Note that even the correction of the stock market is not a reason to go on the offense. To generate large profits need to optimize their energy consumption. For example, it has been one of the canadian companies that spending on mining one BTC just $ 1567. Even at today’s prices Canadians can get a pretty good profit.

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