Clear the launch platform Digital Advertising new Shaheen

سماءات تطلق منصة الإعلانات الرقمية الجديدة شاهين

The company announced the clear on the media platform, the Shaheen, which aims to provide experience, and different levels of advertising services and digital marketing, during their participation in GITEX 2018 in Dubai, UAE.

And platform Shaheen automates advertising or Programmatic Advertising, where she works to provide services to automate purchases and advertising through a wide network of specialists in the planning of digital marketing in the region, and within the team, two are in Riyadh and Dubai.

The company said in a statement on the internet “come to this region in the context of the guidance clear and develop its services in the field of digital marketing which will strengthen the presence of its clients and raise the level of their influence; it gives advertisers the service to buy faster, with high efficiency targeting, the industry a strong base of data to ensure the success of their advertising campaigns among many other campaigns.”

In this step, you will be clear of the early local companies that offer advertising services in this way, which makes it a special place for businesses in the region to lead their brands to a higher level.

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