Clearer images to design the camera phone Mate 30 in leaks portfolio phone

Made of the newest shopping catalogs portfolio of phone Mate 30 a clear vision for the design of the camera background in the Huawei phone related announced on the 19th of September.

Further than shopping catalogs phone Mate 30 prior to the start of the conference Huawei is coming soon, where I indicated the registration of new design ring for the rear with the settings of the camera.

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Reveal portfolio of phone Mate 30 or return phone Mate 30 Pro on a circular design for the rear with a vertical bar in the upper part in the corner of the phone, as different settings of the camera in the phone versions of the Huawei previous.

I have revealed previous leaks so far on that phone Mate 30 Pro will come with two sensors accurately 40 mega pixel camera comes someone wide viewing angles, while the sensor III accurately 8 mega pixel camera with Lens telephoto, with a sensor of the 3D TOF.

It is expected that simulates the sensor is possible with 8 mega pixel camera and lenses telephoto same sensor Parthenon repeat up to 5 times that provided in the telephone P30 Pro, that comes sensor the design of the box, while recalling some of the expectations that the aperture square shape in the settings of the camera back to the flash LED.

Also expected to return a smaller hole in the settings of the camera sensor 3D TOF, as weather forecasts indicate again that the sidebar in the top returns for the flash LED in the phone Mate 30 Pro, so keep some sensors in the camera background is not clear until now.

Phone Mate 30 Pro also comes this year’s screen design “waterfall” without the side frames, it is expected that the impact of this design on the location of the side buttons on the phone, with a forecast that is considered off the phone to touch in specific locations, also come phones Huawei chip processor Kirin 990, as well as includes phones USB port to C, so we expect the conference to Huawei to get clearer on the technique of the Chinese giant in the possible versions of the series Mate 30.


I know of

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