Clearer live images for Galaxy S10 with the leaked images for the Galaxy Buds

Phones Galaxy S10 re-appear in the latest live images the leaked, reveals leaks photographer for headset Samsung Wireless Galaxy Buds.

Galaxy S10 diplay

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Revealed previous leaks about the design of the Galaxy S10e smaller versions of the Samsung coming in clear images, and today comes a clearer shopping catalogs via tweet Ů„SaudiAndroid, where revealed photos phones Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10 Plus.

These shopping catalogs to feature a fingerprint sensor built-in screen in both phones Galaxy S10 Galaxy S10 Plus, as you know, the photo also design of the cable car of the tripartite background clearly.

Galaxy S10 black

Have spotted the leaks of other phones Galaxy S10 of WinFuture review the colors available for phones and they are white, black along with Green, also offered website design phones in black, with the expectations that come one of the versions the design of ceramic.

As pointed out by site WinFuture to forecast the launch of a wireless headset from Samsung, with leaks, a photographer for the thickness of the wireless with the Galaxy S10 Plus, where you come the fish design is trying to Gear Icon X, is also scheduled to support the portfolio of the heavens wireless charging, where it is expected to apply the sky called Galaxy Buds.

In other expectations it was pointed out that the pricing of the headset Galaxy Buds come to market at a price of $ 149, to prevent competition headset, Apple AirPods.

Recall that happened to Samsung’s next will feature a lot of advertising important is definitely which will appeal to a lot of users, starting from the series Galaxy S10, to phone Samsung folding Galaxy F, and Samsung’s smartwatch Galaxy Sport headset wireless new Galaxy Buds, so we expect this event which takes place on 20 February in the city of San Francisco.


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