Click on the link given leads to disruption of messages and the way Apple devices

A lot of times, we hear about a certain action in the organs of the Apple lead to problems instantaneous such as the suspension of the device, continuing the reboot and a number of problems. Today, a new form of these problems is the “link” when pressed concerning the messages have the sender’s device and the future, whether iPhone or Mac. The discovery of this problem for the first time by a user on Twitter, which is done by clicking on the link led to a range of problems on a Mac and devices running iOS including suspension, rebooting and battery problems and more. In some cases, lead send a link to make all of the device of the sender and receiver prone to problems. It is not clear what the cause of this problem exactly, but its back to bug called “actors – effective power” suffered by Mac devices a few years ago, and since then we have seen some other similar problems.

الرابط الذي يُؤدي إلى حدوث هذه المشكلة متواجدة في التغريدة أعلاه. وبشكل عام، “العلة” في تطبيق الرسائل ولكنها تؤدي إلى تعليق كامل للجهاز ومنع الرسائل من الفتح على الإطلاق وأكثر من ذلك.

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