Climb the set of Oracle founder and director of the former Kellogg’s as independent members of the board of directors

تسلا تعيّن مؤسس شركة أوراكل ومديرة سابقة في كلوقز كأعضاء مستقلين في مجلس إدارتها

The company announced the delivery of the day Friday for the annexation of the founder of Oracle technical services Larry Ellison and former Kellogg Company for food Kathleen Wilson-Thompson as independent members of its board of directors, after the process of extensive research led by the council and the Nominating Committee and governance of the company by high skills and long experience and strong belief in product delivery for the transition of clean energy and sustainable development as stated in the declaration statement to celebrate both two characters through her blog.

It is considered Ellison a close friend of the executive director of the former to Tesla Elon Musk, who left his position to settle with the Securities and Exchange Commission of America (SEC) after an incident tweet famous that, alleging his desire to go back to privatize the company again; where he was accused of spoofing last September after his change out of the opposition of the board of directors, to step the appointment of independent figures in the pay of the number of shareholders claiming the dominance of the mask on the board due to personal relationships and professional links with its members.

Commented former director at the SEC, Jay Du Bois on the side of friendship between a Wilson that is a concern or replace the booing to implement the resolution; wept of In owns a large share offering of three million shares in Tesla will put the interests of shareholders in mind before planning any step in addition to friendship, not the implementation of the independence of the Ellison decision-making.

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