Closer than we imagine – this is the date of the launch of Spotify in the Arab states !

In February last revealed Spotify in public documents that it hired a number of offices in the Middle East, including an office in the United Arab Emirates, in May the company make a declaration requesting a key driver in Dubai, in addition to the main motor of the culture of Arabic music, based in its office in New York, and now appeared a new report talking about the launch date of the music app world Spotify in the Middle East and North Africa.

According to the message of the email was leaked will be a step of major global following for Spotify is coming very soon, where the company plans to launch its services in the Middle East and North Africa in the month of November, with a regional headquarters in Dubai.

After less than two months will stop the services of Spotify along with the services of the most famous music in the Arab world such as Anghami and Deezer and Apple Music service, according to the media seeking Spotify is currently advertising for publication in the new areas.

It is reported that an email was sent recently to employees at an ad agency based in Dubai reveals that Spotify require to find six agencies, promotional advertising when launched in the Middle East and North Africa, expressed the company’s readiness for agreements worth up to 200 thousand dollars to advertise.

Commenting on this news, said a spokesman for Spotify to BMW: “the ultimate aim is for Spotify to be available in every country, but we don’t currently have any news to share about the launch in the Middle East”.

At the end of the third quarter of this year, Spotify 83 million subscribers worldwide, slightly more than 33 million of these were in Europe, with 25.7 million subscribers in North America. And now with the confirmation of the launch of the service in the Middle East are you ready to share? Or do you have to apply your Favorite already?

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