Cloud storage development and its direction

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It is reported that the first hard disk in the world of data storage was a space of 5MB to now reached more than terabytes, and beyond it to the borders of the remote storage made in the name of cloud storage, what is this cloud storage for?

Is a process of keeping files on large computers containing enormous storage space and users by rejecting their files have to be stored manually or automatically in which companies create software to make a backup of your files and submit them to the company’s servers to give you the freedom to access from anywhere connected to the internet .

Types of cloud storage

There are two types of cloud storage the first is free and gives participants in this service is the ability to raise their profiles to the devices Service to your company, but spaces are limited and for limited periods of time also, and the third paid, and prevents the participants in this service, storage space is huge and for long periods of time in addition to a number of other services including services encryption to protect the confidentiality of data .

Other advantages of cloud storage is data storage service including :

  • Sync files as it does not need to carry all your data with you wherever you went, you when you create the file, it is raised automatically to the computers of the service so you can access it anywhere .
  • The provision of programs running on these computers a service which saves users time and gear where you don’t need to purchase a license program for creating documents while you can access directly to the software provided to you by cloud storage to listen to this service in addition to that you will not suffer from volatility space on your volumes since all these files are saved in the servers of the company .
  • File sharing, which is considered one of the most important advantages offered by the cloud storage to get you and your team or your family access to these files without the trouble and especially with files larger than 25MB as it works to speed up the work in joint projects where if any a modification to the common file appears when all individuals who are authorized to see the file or modifying it for example by using the service of Google Docs, all the individuals who have the link can see your edits at the same time get you in to the amendments, and that if they have the validity of the amendment on file, they can enter their own .
  • Helps in distance learning and also the field of self-learning self learning charge or fee simple is what works to increase the awareness and learning for all .

Make backup copies of the data where all of these programs offer the service of automatic synchronization auto synchronization and that works all the time to raise a copy of your files from images contacts videos and messages to the hardware service in order to remain safe all the time and see this service in all the smart phones where there is a copy of all your files uploaded on the servers of Google Inc. if you’re of the users of the phones with Android system or on the server at Apple if you from users of phones Apple, of course, there will be many security concerns, which is to know your important files to the hack to add to To the possibility of selling your information by the company provided the service and use them to target ads to specific individuals, as happened with Facebook and the scandal of the leaking of data by company Cambridge Analytica .

The need to provide services to the internet so you can access your files uploaded on the servers of the company which may cause a problem for those who suffer from the instability of the services of the internet, upload files with large sizes may take a long time even with the use of links to modern broadband which makes the cloud storage is a favorite of dealing heavily with large files, the available space in areas of limited but may be too small, forcing many to storage spaces or left the service of the whole and the search for alternatives to storage .

Android users and users of devices Apple

Users of Android when they buy their device it is required to register account personal them on the company website and once you activate this account become one of the beneficiaries of the services of the Google Cloud that can save backup copies of lists of contacts on your phone and the pictures and your appointments and that you find it all at your fingertips on the homepage of the search engine Google next to the search icon on the photo, but you have to first make sure feature auto-sync activated on your phone , the beauty of it is that all this data is not calculated from the storage space that gives you it Google and which starts from 15GB .
As for users of devices Apple phones and devices iMac the Apple iCloud service, which begins with space 5GB free to store your files, but if you want to increase the space of your storage will have to pay for material and you can access it from the website iCloud .

Finally specialized programs in the field of cloud storage :

  • First G CLOUD BacKup is an application dedicated for the backup of the files different on your device and retrieved at any time .
  • Secondly, Ubuntu One comes with a small app working on file upload different audio files, videos and text files automatically .
  • Thirdly Tresorit specializes in data storage of the games and their files confidentially and securely without potential for development by the owners of the service or of the inventors and gives users 5GB free to visit subsequently paid .
  • Fourthly I Drive of good services in the field of cloud storage provides you with the site and 5GB of data for free it also provides you Service to protect and secure your files online .

Cloud storage development and its direction

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