Cloud storage service Google Drive earn without the barrier of 1 million users

Google Drive

Google is continuing to add service VIII to the list of services that broke the barrier of 1 million users. The new service, which has joined to the list is cloud storage service Google Drive note that the list was to include previously apps such as Gmail and Google Chrome, Google Maps, Youtube, Android and Google Play Store.

Google announced at the conference Google Cloud Next, which was held in the city of San Francisco that has been reached this milestone in the last week, without referring to any day, exactly, but despite that, this news interesting.

Usually try Google to remain calm, on a cloud service. Last year at the Google I/O 2018, it was announced the presence of more than 2 trillion files more than 800 million active users. In this year’s edition of the conference Google I/O, the company has not disclosed any numbers, is likely to have something to attract the crowd in the Google Cloud Next.

In the last twelve months, I worked Google to expand the potential of Google Drive by adding more features aimed at enterprises. Team Drives and Drive File Stream is for the people, while receiving all users the features of machine learning. There is also a tool for backup and sync using Google Drive available to all users of personal computers PC computers Mac.



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