Co-founder of Apple about the lack of interest in the company to launch its smartphone folding

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Many smart phones folding at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 currently held in the city of Barcelona, Spanish from companies such as Samsung and Huawei. We also saw other companies like Oppo and TCL and Xiaomi know us prototypes of the identity of its smart folding. However, if there is one company they seem to avoid the creation of such devices, it will be Apple that does not seem to plan to launch this type of device any time soon.

I’ve always had Apple known achievement of its own business, but it seems that the absence of a foldable phone from the company reduces its founder, participant, Steve Wozniak. During his talk with the site of Bloomberg, Mr. Steve Wozniak expressed his concern about Apple that may be lagging behind when it comes to smart phones collapsible.

He quoted Mr. Steve Wozniak said : ” Apple has been a leader for a long time in a small number of areas like Touch ID and Face ID and easily via mobile devices. However, they are not a leader in other areas, such as smart phones folding, and this worries me because I really want a phone retractable “. It should be noted that Apple has recorded several patents for devices folding in the past, but due to it is just a patent, it is hard to tell if it will become a reality or not.

Apple is not the only one who decided to run when it comes to smartphones folding, the LG reported the turn that they do not plan to launch smart phones folding currently, at least until you can determine whether there is a demand for them. It is also premature to determine whether smart phones folding really useful as it seems. On paper, get a smart phone turns into a tablet and back again to a smart phone is a perfect idea, but it remains to be seen whether customers in need of such a device or not.

Despite this concern, it appears that Steve Wozniak is very optimistic on the whole the future of Apple commended for its decision to expand. ” We have achieved great success with the iPhone and it represents the business core for a long time. Now they have become consistent plague other areas which helped to improve the lot of their business. “

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