Co-founder of Ethereum lost $ 2 billion in two months due to the fall courses

Owners of bitcoins for all the time lost 3.79 million coins — or 37, and 82 billion, estimate analysts Chainanalysis. The most common cause of become forgotten passwords from cryptocell and the actions of fraudsters.

This is not the only way to lose money for the owner of a cryptocurrency — Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson two months has lost 2 billion dollars due to the collapse of the market for digital money. About this businessman wrote in his Twitter.

Why fall cryptocurrency

According to Hoskinson, the cryptocurrency market is falling because of the actions of inexperienced retail investors. They panic sell their assets because of the fear of strict government regulation, but big players meanwhile earn huge fortunes.

No one can stop or change this situation.

Earlier it was reported that on the background of the G20 decision not to impose international regulation of cryptocurrency, the market of digital money has grown to $ 40 billion. The price of bitcoin increased to 8348 of dollars.

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