Co-founder of Ethereum told how to disclose the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto

Charles Hoskinson — CEO IOHK and co-founder of Ethereum. Apparently, an expert cryptanalyst knows how to disclose the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the Creator is the first cryptocurrency. He advised anyone who wants to get to the truth, to use stylometry. According to Hoskinson, the secret Nakamoto may be hidden in the code and wallpapere Bitcoin. About this, Charles said in an interview with the news edition U. Today.

Recall that stylometry is the study of the stylistics of the written text. Thanks stylometry is possible with high probability to determine the identity of handwriting of its author. Unfortunately, Satoshi had left us no manuscripts, so try to uncover his identity, except that the writing style of English words.

Who really created Bitcoin?

Writing computer code is also a certain style. Hoskinson sure that the range of the search of identity of Nakamoto can seriously narrow if you compare the published code from other open projects on the Internet. There is a possibility that Satoshi published some of his work even under the present name.

Hoskinson there are some guesses about the anonymous Creator of Bitcoin. Given his skills, you can make the following conclusions:

  • Satoshi is clearly over fifty years old;
  • he was educated in either the late 80s or early 90-ies of the last century;
  • Nakamoto allegedly “was an academic”, not a professional engineer, as its code is “too academic”. Professionals kodyat otherwise, said Hoskinson.

Bitcoin was written in an unusual programming language that is “used primarily in computer science — particularly in England and in the Eastern part of the United States.” This fact alone “says a lot about the location of Alma mater Satoshi.

That is mean that Nakamoto allegedly studied in the UK or the USA. Of course, study the yearbooks of the universities of the region can not even try. First, too many of them. Second, Satoshi used an alias, that is, in theory, to create Bitcoin could both man and woman. Also some members of the cryptocurrency community admit that alias, and does could be used for a group of developers.

Чарльз Хоскинсон IOHK

Charles Hoskinson

Unfortunately, Hoskinson not told the U. Today is nothing new. Satoshi has for many years been trying to find with the help of stylometry and other methods. Yet cryptoendoliths there is only a conditional circle of “suspects” — those who could or can hide behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. But it also guarantees nothing.

He Hoskinson doesn’t want to work on finding the Creator of Bitcoin. According to him, the main cryptocurrency in the eleven years of its existence, perfectly coped with their tasks without Satoshi. That is, it is a targeted search does not make sense, and the finding is unlikely to change the situation for the better. Here is a quote.

As if you were the Pope speaks for God, right? Its position can be used to force people to switch to your product, for example, as did the creators of Bitcoin SV. Or be cooler and more interesting in the eyes of the public due to its absence.

сатоши накомото дориан

The Picture Of Dorian Nakamoto

We believe that finding the Creator of Bitcoin there really is no point. For example, they will be conditional Elon Musk. What will it change? First of all, it will make the cryptocurrency vulnerable, because people will associate the coin with the success of the same Tesla. As a result, when the news background is positive, the rate of BTC will rise, and when the bad — will fall. That is, Bitcoin will turn into a kind of stock of the company and will behave in a similar way.

Obviously the cryptocurrency and its users will not get any benefits out of it. Still the coin performs its functions, and does it perfectly. And the identity of its Creator will distract the community from the very essence of cryptocurrency and concentrate on her personality. We are confident that Bitcoin would be better without the “Director-General”. So attempts to find Satoshi is better to leave.

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