Co-founder of Twitter Evan Williams is leaving his post in the board after 12 years

الشريك المؤسس في تويتر إيفان ويليامز يترك منصبه في مجلس الإدارة بعد 12 سنة

Announced the company’s co-founder in the company of Twitter, Evan Williams, stepped down from his position as a board member after nearly 12 years in the house, to devote himself fully to the platform Medium ” Medium” the other founded for the dissemination of articles and is currently the executive director.

And through the co-founder of Twitter, expressed his happiness to stay in the board of Directors of the company for 12 years, said she was full of fun, learning, and sometimes.

It was Evan Williams started Twitter with Jack Dorsey, the current executive director and leading Biz Stone, as well as the developer Noah Glass, has continued to lead the company with fellow regulators since its launch 13 years ago, and then rolled on the board of the company since its inception 12 years ago, and has previously served as executive director between 2008 – 2010 before it is replaced by Dick Costolo, who was deported from his post is the other in 2015 and own Jack Dorsey.

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