Co-founder to develop WhatsApp reveals its differences with Facebook and its about 850$ million

المؤسس الشريك لتطبيق واتساب يكشف خلافاته مع فيسبوك وتخليه عن 850$ مليون

Challenge Brian Acton the co-founder of develop messaging the most famous in the world, WhatsApp, for the first time about his relationship with Facebook after the sale of its app in 2014 compared to 19.3 million, and then left the company unexpectedly later because of internal problems with the founder of Facebook and the way that they wish in the management of the messaging application.

He told Acton that the goal of the development of WhatsApp was to provide an easy way for the public talks and maintain the privacy of its users, which appeared Facebook later that she disappear with him, where she would like to have app way to profit fundamentally. Explained Acton “they’re a business first degree”.

And co-founder of WhatsApp for the first meeting with Facebook, which was in 2012 when Mark Zuckerberg amounts to send e-mail to his partner Jan Koum to talk about the app, the response was positive from the founders of WhatsApp, but without the intention of abandoning their project, but with 2014 and the emergence of a meeting between the founders and Google, the skier community to raise interest in the application for this to be acquired for$ 20 million, the share of Acton 3.6 million being owns 20% of stock. But he later left the company and his successor 850 billion because of the differences, where the shares of the company rose along with profits “assumed” once he got out of the door.

Said Al that, once the takeover of Facebook on the app, and started making plans to make money from them which was the equivalent of his with his partner and his friend Jean pile, but in the end, after meeting with scare amounts and variability around it leaving the company in September 2017 and later founder the other to investigate.

According to al, the way to encrypt messages in WhatsApp make of the possibility of change is not possible, which means the inability of any person on the analysis of messages and the use of data in the business system, or ads, however, Facebook has provided tools for data analysis to provide data for business owners which would be difficult in a normal situation, which made Al wonder about the continuation of the encryption method in the application of no or the credibility of the data analysis tools provided by the company.

The vice president of WhatsApp previous about the acquisition Facebook said: “they made us an offer he can’t refuse.” But it is a challenge at the same time from their daily suffering in the Left data of about 1.5 million users in the hands of a group of business owners who are aiming to achieve money from it mainly and not to maintain the privacy of users. Which encouraged him to write the hashtag #DeleteFacebook after the scandal of the Cambridge set that rocked the Facebook, as it put$ 50 million as a support in the developer to develop the Signal of the conversation, which offers encryption of the full data.

Apart from WhatsApp, it has decided to founding Instagram where they abandon their posts and Facebook also because of disagreements about management of the application, as shown by the stability of many recently, the Facebook organized primarily for profit, regardless of the route, which makes the owners of ideas, which aims to serve users leave the company – this is confirmed by Al also, so that the skier vacuum told him one time that he looks into WhatsApp as a platform for it like Instagram where they and no more, so the goal of them is to achieve income for the company, especially via advertising, which accounted for 98% of revenue.

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