Coaches in the NHL will have access to various statistics of the players during the match through the iPad app

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The national hockey League together with SAP and Apple have developed a new application that will allow coaches in real time to obtain statistics of players on more than 60 parameters.

Currently the coaches of NHL teams and their assistants, there are three iPad during matches that provide their videos with the events of the match. But after the all-star game, which will be held on January 26 in San Jose, they will have access to a new application that will provide detailed statistics about each player.

“The app will be a huge amount of information that the coaches still write on paper,” says senior Vice-President of the NHL Lachanski David (David Lehanski).

The app will be available only to coaches. It will be available on the iPad Pro on the bench and also for video coaches, who sit at the monitors during the matches and help to resolve disputes.

By the way, the NHL in 2017 entered into an agreement with Apple to equip its tablets, and computers all arenas of the teams participating in the playoffs.

Coaches will be able to see the statistics on the throw, attempts shocks created by points, accuracy of throws and much more. That would significantly help them during fights, allowing you to more accurately evaluate each player. Well, fans appreciate the innovation can be in the near future. Interesting to see how it will affect the coaches and the team’s results.

Source: NHL

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