Coca-Cola, Walmart and other large corporations are struggling to cope with the pollution of oceans with plastic

UK, Canada, France, Germany and Italy and the European Union, signed the Charter for the ocean plastic after a meeting of leaders G7 in July. Coca-Cola, Walmart, and other major multinational corporations have agreed to support this campaign. By the way, the USA and Japan abstained from signing, but countries outside the G7, such as Norway, Vietnam, Jamaica and Seychelles also support the plan to introduce 100% recyclable plastic by 2030.

These countries plan to develop a more suitable alternative to plastic packages, so all the plastic can be recycle and re-use in 2040.

It’s time to clean up the oceans

On the second day of the Ministerial meeting of the countries “big seven” in California Halifax canadian environment Minister Catherine McKenna announced “a new partnership with enterprises” to reduce plastic waste.

Support from companies such as Loblaws, Walmart, Nestle Canada, IKEA, Dow Chemicals, Coca-Cola, BASF Canada and A&W Canada.

Unilever also announced that it is launching a non-profit organization to reduce consumer and business waste, while Volvo plans to make 25% of the plastics in its cars recyclable by 2025.

Meanwhile, in early September began one of the most ambitious campaigns on cleaning the ocean from plastic garbage. Today in the waters of the world ocean swims about 350 million tons of plastic waste. The main problem with plastic debris is that it is extremely heterogeneous and small, making it difficult to collect. In order to solve this problem, scientists thought that a good solution would be to install barriers that will help to concentrate the plastic in one place in order to then collect it. With this purpose, from one of the Los Angeles ports comes the ship Ocean Cleanup with more than 600 meters of light swimming tubes on Board.

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