Code for iPad new in iOS shows the next design of the device

Previously in the demo version V of the operating system iOS 12, we saw a similar code for the iPad without the Home button, and round corners without extrusion at the top of the screen, but it was a small symbol was designed for use in the tool battery. So, we didn’t have a lot of detail about the form factor of the device. According to the site 9to5mac has been finding in more detail in relation to the design of the iPad Pro 2018 within the operating system iOS.

Today, this new code which is found in the iOS operating system made a more detailed presentation for your iPad Pro 2018, which we expect announced during an event Tuesday in Brooklyn. This code displays the iPad with rounded corners, and there is no button for the home page. Interesting aspect of this code is to how to look large estate compared to the iPhone the last.

iPad ProThere’s something else worth mentioning is that the button sleep/wake is still at the top, while feature models iPhone new right-side is used to invoke Siri, take screen shots and turn off the device by using sets of buttons.

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