Coinbase will allow institutional investors to short sell crypto currencies

In March, scientists at the University of Aachen found in the code, the largest U.S. crypto currency exchange Coinbase a security vulnerability that allowed users to transfer your balance to an unlimited number of tokens, Ethereum

Now the exchange has launched his own hedge Fund Coinbase Custody volume of $ 20 billion designed to hold and secure the assets of institutional investors. This writes Cointelegraph.

New services on the stock exchanges

Coinbase partner in the project will act as an independent broker Electronic Transaction Clearing (ETC), previously approved by the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC). Now the platform is looking for investors among large hedge funds to create joint ventures with large amounts of assets.

Coinbase Custody intended for margin trading cryptocurrency — institutional investors can open a short position, taking the coins from the exchange. Service exchange plans to launch by year-end.

According to Professor of law in Cornell University Robert Hocket, the launch of margin trading on Coinbase exchange privlechet to the attention of regulators.

At the same time exchange is trying to capitalize on the exchange of coins and the cryptocurrency results in debt. This active position will definitely result in conflict of interests and will attract the attention of the SEC.

Previously, Coinbase announced that it failed to obtain the approval of the SEC to trade in the tokens recognized by the securities. Let’s hope that the new service expects more success from the standpoint of the approval of the regulators.

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