Comes with a built-in display.. Moviphone phone is better for movies?

Always draw large companies to the attention of everyone during the CES exhibitions, technical major, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no small companies reveal new products, preparing the report, the biggest example of this is the phone Moviphone new revealed by the company Wireless Mobi Solution that you probably never heard of its existence before.

When looking for a new phone from abroad we find that phone category average design, less than normal, the phone comes with 5.5-inch 1080p processor Octa-core of MediaTek and 4 GB of RAM with an internal memory size of 128 GB to target phone basic.

Away from the previous specifications don’t try drifting phone with the features common in phones where you won’t find an apartment in the screen or dual camera in the back of the phone which comes with a single background accurately 13 megapixel and a front camera accurately 8 megapixel. In addition the phone comes with a battery of 4000 mAh and operating system Android Nougat 7 where the phone comes at the price of $ 599 and above to feel that great price you must learn the important water in the phone that refers to his name.

Need a new phone to projector internal 720p as far as to transfer the image to the diameter up to 100 inches at the rate of exchange of 80,000 to 1, You can know the movies and not just her, but anything else such as games, apps, photos or even browsing the internet.

And depends phone MoviPhone the first phone that offers the advantage of a projector in a smart phone as seen by the modified Moto Mod that enabled phones Moto Z of the work is similar, in addition to the Galaxy Beam from Samsung , which provided the same water from before without that come with great success is what pushed her to not continue. Although this phone does not offer something very special when you provide this feature however, no one knows if it will succeed more than the previous or not.

Phones are considered currently and increasingly through the years the means most commonly used to share multimedia images, movies, series and so helps currently large-screen high-quality, so that the start of your phone by downloading the demo to the wall in front of you is not bad at all for lovers of movies and series.

This theme comes with a built-in display.. Moviphone phone is better for movies? Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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