Coming soon – support bar of the iPhone e-eSIM in some Arab countries!

Announced Saudi telecom company STC in a tweet on her official Twitter that she in the process of choosing the activation e-eSIM built inside phones new iPhone in Saudi Arabia soon, also waiting for support in other countries such as Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates as announced by some telecommunications companies, such as are Vodafone and Etisalat.

قريباً - دعم شريحة الآيفون الإلكترونية eSIM في بعض الدول العربية!
Coming soon – support bar of the iPhone e-eSIM in some Arab countries!

Electronic chip, or compact eSIM will sing to you from the use of traditional slide, you don’t need to buy a new chip every time you want to move to another telecom operator or to change the figure, as will not encounter hassles in the change and replacement of the slide, all of this will end up with eSIM!

How the company operates e-tourism eSIM is?!

كيف تعمل الشريحة الإلكترونية eSIM ؟!
How the company operates e-tourism eSIM is?!

Chip eSIM is a slide connection be included (Embedded) within the motherboard of the phone or smart devices in general, and has the same function of the traditional slide, but surpass it by several ways the most important being not having to change the information stored on them are adjustable meaning that the user can through the settings to choose the number and the telecommunications company that would like to participate as that can also change the number and company easily just by settings or contact your service provider, and you can also add more than one number without the need to replace the SIM or buy a new one.

The state provided eSIM

According to the official website of Apple there are 10 states in the support provided eSIM so far are actually from the United States, Britain, India, Spain, Germany, and others.

There’s no Arab country even now supports a slice eSIM, but they seem to be present in the near future in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, plus other Arab states such as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait, according to official statements also for telecom operators in those states that still have also conducted the test. Can be used provided the eSIM next slide normal also.

Devices that contain provided eSIM

Currently there are several devices containing slice electronic communication eSIM such as iPhones XR and XS and XS Max and some iPads and phones Google Pixel 2 and 3 and which also contain the port for a connection to the normal SIM in addition to an hour Apple’s smart TV and Samsung Smart correct recent.

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